Howdy, my name is Martin Michiels, (Daddy Redneck).
I was born in Heerlerheide (Limburg) and currently living in Venlo.
After a long time of playing in a rock band, just about 25 to 30 years ago,
I have put the microphone to rest.
Because of country always has been a part of my life, I dusted off the microphone a little while ago and slowly began singing again which is just fine for me.
I enjoy it to be on stage and it makes me happy when I see people enjoying my songs!
I like to bring the old country songs such as: Union Mare - Waylon Jennings, Josh Turner  - Long Black Train, but I also like the newer countrysongs provided they touch my heart.
Recently I got my hands on a nice acoustic guitar, so  now I'm busy practicing to play on stage too. With my new equipment it will be completed so I can independently do more performances on stage.
In the mean time, I've been in the studio and there are already a few beautiful songs.
I would like to expand it in the future up to a complete Cd sometime.
My motto in music is;
To sing my songs for people who love to listen and be touched by my music.
We Love Country Music